A Cautionary Tale

A friend recently went on a painting holiday abroad.  Flight: no problem.  Holiday: no problem.  Return flight: big problem.

A jobsworth at the airport maintained oil paints are a hazardous substance that may not be taken on board, either as luggage or hand baggage. Deaf to any protests and refusing to consult colleagues, he confiscated the paints.  

A simple subsequent check (God bless the internet) revealed the CAA allows passengers to carry oil paints without restriction i.e. as hand luggage, on one’s person or in the hold. Both Winsor & Newton and Daler Rowney state that oil paints are not hazardous on aircrafts as the flash points are nowhere near danger levels.

The result of this fiasco is that my friend has lost paints valued at £100+ for no reason and several months later is still trying to get reimbursement. So if you plan to travel by air and wish to take oil paints – or any other types – it might be wise to carry documentation supporting their safety. A simple A4 sheet can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and might save you a lot of trouble.

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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