Where is it?

Heading Home

I’ve had a couple of comments since I posted this image on my blog in January.  One of them asked where the original of Heading Home is now.  No, it’s not at Nature in Art but in a private collection right here in Gloucestershire.  I can visit!  Prints are dotted around the world from here to Australia.

I agree that it’s probably my best penguin painting and I’m very happy that so many people have enjoyed it.  I’m always interested to hear why people like it, as there are many and varied reasons.  Top of the list are “the sense of movement”, “humour” and “reflections”.  If you have anything to say about it, I’m keen to hear your views.  Why not post a comment?

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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One Response to Where is it?

  1. David Dawes says:

    Heading Home is the real Garner. It tells more than one tale and Jackie apparently guards it’s whereabouts in a private collection somewhere in Gloucestershire.
    I’m sure that the painting has not finished it’s travels and would hope that eventually it will find it’s way home to Jackie again.

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