Today seems like a good day for celebrating, especially as the sun is shining after yesterday’s almost constant sleet.  Since there’s no special event going on in my world today, I thought I’d celebrate a company instead.

I try to work with local firms: art shops, framers, printers etc, giving repeat business to companies I can trust to do a professional job – and if they go the extra mile when necessary that’s even better.

The Cotswold Framing Company is based at Knightsbridge – that’s Knightsbridge in Cheltenham, not Knightsbridge in London – and they’ve been doing a great job of framing my paintings since 2005.  They’re always cheerful, have a great selection of frames and have met every deadline I’ve thrown at them.  In short, they deserve to succeed.

I recently heard down the grapevine that they’d closed.  No they haven’t!  They’ve simply moved to a bigger unit on the same business park.  So if you need something framed head up to Knightsbridge, and if someone tells you they’ve closed: please put them right.

In the present economic climate we should be celebrating good people who do a good job.  So lets hear it for the Cotswold Framing Company!

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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1 Response to Celebrate!

  1. Citybird says:

    what about a link to their website…?

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