Butterfly Puzzle

Painted Lady

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m presently working on puzzles.  My next is all about butterflies – and here’s a sneak preview, hot off the easel.  The other species are going to be Red Admiral, Marbled White, Speckled Wood and Small Tortoiseshell.  Probably.  Or not.  Haven’t quite decided yet, but those are the most likely candidates. 


I want to choose distinctive species that most people will recognise.  Would have liked to do a Swallowtail, but I’ve never actually seen one, so that seems like cheating.   Same applies to Purple Emperor and White Admiral.  I can see I’m going to be out butterfly watching this summer.

Which would you like to see on the puzzle?  Let me know, and you might get your wish!

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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1 Response to Butterfly Puzzle

  1. sandra says:

    Well done jackie – I think you on to a winner with the butterfly puzzles – good luck. Missed seeing you @ Nature in Art for your exhibition but hope to see you soon – from Sandra

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