Wildlife Thieves

Was wondering what to put on the blog today when I came across this story of a thieving polar bear, thanks to my Facebook friends.  


Reminds me of the story of a thieving Striated Caracara in the Falklands.  Noted for their habit of  removing anything not fastened down, it picked up a visitor’s unattended camera, flew off a short distance, dropped the camera in the sea and then flew away!

Lest we think too many species deserve ASBOs, a mute swan at Slimbridge WWT was recently seen returning equipment when it emerged from the water with a pair of binoculars around its neck!  It’s thought they’d been dropped by a visitor, and after the swan was disentangled they were soon on their way to lost property.  I hope they were waterproof!

So there are a few amusing incidents for your enjoyment.  On a more serious note, they each serve to highlight one of the reasons I’d rather sketch from life than work from imagination or photographs.  Wildlife, in its day to day existance, exhibits far more interesting behaviour than I could conjure up from my imagination, and unless I’ve seen it for myself, why would I want to paint it?

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