Daily Routine

Have just seen a fox running across the field opposite the studio, its coat absolutely gleaming in the sun.  A stunning view, but all too brief. 

Spending today working on my eNewsletter, visiting my framer, having a meeting with my printer to discuss my new brochure, catching up with phonecalls and emails…  In short, today seems to be about anything except painting.  Not that I’m trying to avoid painting, but everything else seems to be ganging up on me.  Never mind, once this lot is out of the way I’ll have the rest of the week to paint.  The general impression of a wildlife artist’s life is that we go out in the field all day and produce umpteen paintings.  I wish!  The reality is that it’s a business that requires the same skills as any other business – in addition to the creative skills of course.  The trick is to find a balance between creativity and business, and that’s a balance I’m still working on.

Heard yesterday that my Summer School acrylics class is almost full, so if you want to join in please book up soon.

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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