Intellectual Property

I’ve been talking to some folks today about Intellectual Property, and thought it might be useful to share the information more widely.  My best source of information and advice is the own-it website: tailor made advice on IP for creative businesses.  There’s a knowledge bank, FAQs, factsheets, articles, podcasts and videos that contain everything you need to know about IP and the creative industries.  Here’s the link: 

Hope that helps.


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2 Responses to Intellectual Property

  1. Citybird says:

    Do you have any tips from your experience about what an artist should consider regarding IP?

    • The most important thing is that we need to protect our work against the unscrupulous out there. The easiest way to prove when you created it is to take a photograph and then post that to yourself, registered delivery so that the date is shown. Don’t open it! Should a dispute arise, the envelope can be opened in a legal setting to prove your case. Top tip: write the title of the work on the back of the envelope or use a window envelope so you can see which envelope relates to which painting in years to come. I’ll share more Top Tips in future blog posts.

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