New inspiration

Starting a new painting of woodpigeons today.  Not one of my favourite species to be honest, but I saw a pair from my studio and just felt inspired.  Lots of illustration work coming up soon, so I thought I’d give my creative side full reign until then. 

Starting off in a really abstract way, by covering a primed board in acrylics (five colours) using painting knife, sponge, fingers and (just occasionally) brushes.   The rest of the painting can evolve from that.  I’ll enhance some areas,  repaint others, and some parts might even be allowed to remain as happy accidents.

I used to draw every part of my images carefully in pencil and then fill in with paint, but these days I much prefer this “evolution” method.  There’s more creative decision making involved, more freedom and hopefully a more interesting result.  If you look at the acrylics page on my website you’ll see several paintings that used this method – Squacco Heron, Passing Through, Steamer Duck, Little Crake, Sika Encounter – mostly the paintings that explore the species’ relationship with their habitat.  Here’s the link:

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