Minding My Own Business

Hugely busy over the coming weeks.  Have just realised that I need to produce a minimum of 65 images during the next three months.  OK, some of them are small and relatively quick….   but some of them are large and complicated!  Trying not to think of everything else I have to do: Open Studios, admin, accounts, marketing, meetings, framing….  

I thought, when I gave up the day job, that I’d have lots of time to paint: but that was a fallacy.   The reality is that the business of being an artist takes as much time as being an artist, and if I don’t take care of business, I’ll be out of business.   Actually, I love being able to concentrate on one job rather than trying to split myself between two, but it’s not easy trying to cover so many roles on a day-to-day basis.  The challenge is to find the right balance between producing the work and administering the business.  

Hence I’m writing my blog at nearly 11pm, having just put the paintbrush down for the day.  Welcome to my world!

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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