Secrets of the Studio

Just been interviewed by Katrina van Grouw for a feature called “In the Studio” in Bird Art and Photography magazine.  I think it will be published in the Autumn issue.  Spring was John Gale and Summer will be John Paige.  The artist’s name doesn’t have to begin with J, but maybe it helps!!

It was really interesting showing Katrina my studio and talking about my working methods.  Normally when I talk about my work I concentrate on the inspiration behind the paintings, but this was much more about analysing how I organise my day, how my working methods are evolving and the direction my art is taking.  It was also interesting to be reminded of how far I’ve come since the Falklands trip, which was a real turning point in my art career.  We had a really good chat and touched on the importance of drawing skills, artistic networks, the benefits of life drawing, artistic integrity….

Looking forward to seeing the article.  It’s always enlightening to see if what someone else sees/hears/thinks matches up to what you think you were saying!


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Wildlife artist.
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