NEWA entries

Purple Gallinule

Gull-billed Tern

Feather Studies 4

Here are the three paintings I’m submitting to NEWA this year.  That’s the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, based at the Wirral.  Two acrylics and a watercolour.  Going for the traditional, the shapes-linking-bird-with-habitat and the I-can-do-detail images this time. 
Now just have to wait and see if any or all are accepted.
You can see the real paintings at my Open Studios this weekend, as I’ve only had to submit photos so far.

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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2 Responses to NEWA entries

  1. David Cook says:

    Hello Jackie,

    Good to see the one image I could access. However I will look forward to seeing all your originals, in July.

    I wish you all the best – as I do for everyone who kindly enters for NEWA. The judges have an increasingly difficult job each year as the exceptional standard continues to rise. Sadly, some very commendable work does not get hung, as space is always a premium. Occasionally a piece does fall heavily by the wayside – but – that is becoming more of a rarity these days.

    Kind regards – David

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