Government Cuts Can Start Here

I’ve collected new signs for the forthcoming two Open Studios weekends. Apparently we’re supposed to put them up on Sat am, take them down on Sun pm, put them back up the following Sat and take them down again on Sun eve. Otherwise we run the risk of Highways people taking them down during the week. How stupid is that? I’m not in favour of leaving them up for months, but what’s wrong with leaving them up for the five days between the two Open Studios weekends? Studios are supposed to be open “by appointment” during the Stroud Festival anyway, so it’s ridiculous to take the signs down.

Considering how many tourists come in to the area especially for Open Studios – I had people visit from as far as Exeter and Cambridge last year – you’d think the Highways people could use a little common sense instead of being petty jobsworths. Is their department so over resourced that they have to make work by trawling the countryside taking signs down? The Government want ideas of where to make cutbacks? I can certainly make some recommendations!

Hope to get lots of visitors this weekend, even if the signs do get removed.

Rant over.

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2 Responses to Government Cuts Can Start Here

  1. GDance says:

    I fully empathise with your feelings of disbelief and frustration at the hands of Glos highways. We also have the same problems that are caused by them, they took down our 20 is plenty signs citing some ridiculous petty rule, and in the process took away the only mild constraint that might slow drivers through our village down as they pass places like the primary school and playing fields.
    they are the embodyment of Douglas Adam’s “Vogons” (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy) but are less funny!
    May cutbacks fall on them by the lorry load!

  2. Thinking of entering politics, with a new “Cut red tape & bring back common sense” party!!!

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