Fabulous Fawn

Glanced out of the studio window just in time to see a female roe deer…. with a fawn! Never seen a wild fawn before and it was so beautiful, indescribably gorgeous. It kept having to leap about as mum led it through long meadow grass. Well actually it was short grass, but the fawn was tiny -all gangling legs, spotted coat and a little black nose- so it had to jump rather than walk through the meadow. Think she must have left it to rest in the meadow while she foraged, as I saw her jump the fence alone, and fawn was far too small to do that. Female roe was gorgeous too, she’s lost her grey-brown winter coat and is sleek and red-gold now, glowing in the sunlight. Fawn’s coat was much greyer than its mother. Roe are said to be the prettiest of the British deer, and today I wholeheartedly concur.

Really tempted to spend the afternoon looking to see when she comes back, but I ought to get on with some work.

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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2 Responses to Fabulous Fawn

  1. Citybird says:

    You are so lucky being able to see such wonderful wildlife out of your window. Hope the fawn’s there when we visit for open studios.

  2. Citybird says:

    I saw it! He was adorable – made me want to go out and get the Bambi DVD. As I said, Jackie, you are soooo lucky to have such a view out of your studio window!

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