The Art of Watching Wildlife

Today has been retrospectively designated Wildlife Day here at the Old Cider House Studio.

First, I was happily embarking on a cup of coffee when I looked up and, to my amazement, saw a male bullfinch feeding on the sunflower hearts at the feeding station. Not that this is a particularly rare bird, but it is rare for my feeding station – just two in eighteen months. After a few altercations with house sparrows, the bullfinch was followed on to the peanuts by a female great spotted woodpecker. Haven’t seen one of those for quite a while either.

Coffee and emails over, and time to get on with some painting. Glanced up towards the hill to see a roe deer (no fawns this time) and then a fox. Buzzard overhead, then a swift.

Tonight: juvenile great spotted woodpecker on the feeder, followed by little owl on telegraph pole. Ended the day with more views of roe, this time with fawn. Heaven, and all from the comfort of my own studio.

Bearing in mind that these all occured whilst I was semi-engaged in other tasks, what might I have seen if I’d really been looking?

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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