Cute, With Attitude!

Little Owl Sketch

Here’s a watercolour sketch of the little owl I was watching last night.  Painted about the time of yesterday’s blog post.  I love little owls as they always seem to be smouldering with rage, whilst being very cute at the same time.  Bags of character out of all proportion to their size.  Probably the same reason I like rockhopper penguins.

A few days ago I answered a query on Twitter about whether you can paint watercolours on sketchbook paper.  Yes and no!  Yes, because technically it’s possible.  This owl sketch is painted on my sketchbook cartridge paper, though I have chosen a sketchbook that has quite heavy weight paper specially so it can take watercolour.  Thin paper cockles too much.

No, because watercolour behaves differently on different surfaces, and designated watercolour paper is created to give you the best results for that medium.  Why make things harder by fighting the materials?  Watercolours are difficult enough anyway!   Also, good quality watercolour papers are a joy to use.

In short, if I were planning to do my best watercolour ready for sale I would always use watercolour paper, but if it’s just a quick sketch for my own reference then cartridge paper will suffice.

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1 Response to Cute, With Attitude!

  1. Citybird says:

    I love this picture. Will you make it into a card or print? I’m sure it would be popular.

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