Broadway Arts Festival

Visited the Broadway Arts Festival today.  It’s a biennial exhibition, this year celebrating the 125th anniversary of John Singer Sargent’s first visit to Broadway.

Only had time for two events; one was better than I expected and one less so.  The slightly disappointing one was an exhibition of work by professionals and amateurs at the John Noott Gallery, the theme being either a broad view of life in the North Cotswolds or reflecting the work of John Singer Sargent.  On the whole I enjoyed the exhibition, but I was disappointed that more hadn’t been made of Sargent’s influence.  Some artists had obviously embraced the theme, but some works were just the usual Cotswolds scenes, and I just felt it had all been done before.  Wish I’d heard about the competition in time to enter.

The other event was  held at Trinity House and was an exhibition of work by John Singer Sargent with other works by members of the Broadway Colony.  I had the impression that the exhibition would be mostly made up of works by other artists, so I was delighted to see a good representation of works by Sargent himself – oils and watercolours, studies and sketches.  He really was a master draughtsman, and his flamboyance with paint is tempered by his restraint in rejecting extraneous detail. 

The exhibition ends on Sunday 20th June, so don’t delay – it really is worth visiting.


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