A Wild Life

Young Great Spotted Woodpecker

A young Great Spotted Woodpecker has been visiting the feeding station lately.  I’ve seen it a few times but it is very shy and flies off as soon as it sees me.  Today I managed to sneak down with the camera before it saw me and, by hiding behind furniture, I managed to grab a few shots before the inevitable disappearing act.  Quite pleased with this photo considering it was taken through the glass panel in the door.  Notice the pale undertail coverts and the red cap that show this is a juvenile bird.

Little Owl

I do love being back in the Stroud area and having a rich source of wildlife around me.  Yesterday was notable for adult and young green woodpecker and a little owl.  The little owl actually posed for me to get some sketches, though the day before I’d found it hard to get good views. The Little Owl photo was taken using my mobile phone camera held up to my telescope! Glad I have such fantastic Swarovski optics or it might not work.

Little Owl Sketches

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