Don’t Do It!

Here’s something to make you smile, after yesterday’s rant about death.

I’ve just seen a report on Facebook that the RSPB have asked people to leave young birds alone, after they received bizarre calls from the general public.  These included: 

(a) someone worried about a young bird in a tree as “it looked like it was about to jump.”

(b) a man who took a young tawny owl home because it was raining.

(c) a woman who brought a nest indoors because she was worried the chicks would get cold.

I suppose we should be glad that people care, though the best advice, of course, is to leave well alone.

Let me know of any other “baby bird” stories to add to the ones above.

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Wildlife artist.
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One Response to Don’t Do It!

  1. Paula Wilson says:

    Reminds me of ‘Spike’ in one of your earlier blog posts. When you think the poor little thing’s in danger it’s torture not to do anything. Logic and sense go out the window!

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