Fawning About

Roe Deer Fawns

The fawns are back in the meadow. I saw them briefly last night, then again first thing this morning.  Just wish they’d come in to the shorter grass sometimes.  Most of the time I can only see their ears, and sometimes nothing at all – only the movement of the grass gives their position away.  Now they’re a bit older they’re straying further from the doe.

The coats are still spotted, though one has much more pronounced markings than the other.  The less spotted one’s coat has a more pronounced reddish colour.  I’m not sure how much individual variation is normal as I’ve never seen roe kids before.

Interestingly, as the fawns went in to the longest grass and disappeared from view, the doe moved over to the side of the meadow and I lost sight of her too.  Glancing in to the meadow now, I would think it was empty.  How many times have I done that in the past weeks, and how many deer were really there?

(Apologies for the picture quality.  It was taken on my mobile phone held up to my telescope, fawns at a distance of about 200 metres.)

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