The One That Got Away

On Twitter today, the tweets turned to the occasions when we see something wonderful but don’t have a camera to hand.  I’m sure we’ve all had that experience.  Mine is somewhat different, as I did have a camera but still didn’t end up with the image. 

Many years ago I found myself at a wildlife park in Scotland.  This was before my field sketching days, so I was happily engaged in photographing anything and everything, rather than sketching it.  The trouble started when I came across a pen of polecats.

The park staff had provided the polecats with a hollow log, and I could just imagine a polecat poking its head out of the end.  So I waited… and waited… and waited…  You remember the KitKat advert with the man trying to photograph pandas?  Exactly.  We’re talking hours, not minutes, but eventually one of the polecats did exactly as I wanted.  Click!  Click, click, click!  I went home happy.

I stayed happy until the letter arrived from the film company – this was the pre-digital photography era – to say they’d lost the film.  Somehow the complimentary film they sent didn’t quite replace what I’d lost.  

So that’s my “one that got away”.  What’s yours?

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1 Response to The One That Got Away

  1. Paula Wilson says:

    Spike the Hoopoe, or rather, Spike’s mom. We saw a hoopoe around and about our Spanish house. We only realised that the hoopoes had nested in the neighbours’ chimney after Spike had fledged a bit early and couldn’t do the necessary flying once leaving the nest. It was only when we’d seen Spike flailing about the neighbours’ courtyard that we realised how much the mother was around, but she left pretty soon after that. What brilliant photos we could have got if we’d been a bit more observant… (Got brilliant ones of Spike though so not all bad).

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