Getting Organised

Sketching area

I’ve just finished setting up a new sketching station on the window sill at one end of the studio.  Fortunately the window sill is quite wide!  Until now my studio has had one acrylic and one watercolour area plus some office space.  Lately I’ve been viewing wildlife from the opposite end of the studio to the watercolour area so I’ve had to move all the sketching materials from one end to the other every time I want to sketch anything.  Having a dedicated and permanently set up sketching area will be much easier, with less chance of the subject flying or running away while I find my sketching kit.

“Why don’t you just move the whole watercolour area?” I hear you ask.  Well, I can’t because (a) the office stuff needs to stay where it is because that’s where the broadband connection is and (b) the light’s better where the watercolour area is at the moment.  So this is the best solution.

Fortunately I already have duplicates of most of my pencils, brushes and paints.  Come to think of it, I have duplicates of some of the duplicates too!  I also keep an outdoor sketching kit in a rucksack, packed ready to go, so I’m not far off having enough materials to open my own art shop!

The new set up may also encourage me to do more field sketching, which can only be a good thing.

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