CLA Game Fair

Roe Sketches

Yawn! 6am starts really aren’t good for me. It’s now 9.45pm and I’ve just spent a long but enjoyable day at the CLA Game Fair. I’ve been meaning to go to the Game Fair and talking about going to the Game Fair for years, but haven’t done it until today. Can’t believe what a vast area it covers. I spent a couple of hours wandering around but only saw a fraction of what was on offer.

My main reason for going this year was that the Deer Study & Resource Centre had invited me to be on their stand to demonstrate a deer painting. I chose to work in acrylics and did a painting of two roe kids semi-hidden in the long grass in a meadow setting. Had to work quite quickly as I started the painting from scratch and I wanted people to see it progressing. I’ll post a photo on here when it’s finished.

Took some extra watercolour sketches of deer for display too. Glad to get good feedback from the experts! Met lots of new people today and had my photo taken by a journalist for The Countryman’s Weekly newspaper. A good day but I’ve arrived home with a sunburnt neck and backache as a result of standing at my easel in the sunshine all day.

So that’s why I didn’t see much of the Fair – lots of painting but not much looking, but I think if I’d had all day I still wouldn’t have seen everything. Maybe next year I’ll go for all three days, but in the meantime I might just go to the Midland Game Fair at Weston Park in September.


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