It’s All Happening!

Lots happening at the moment. Practised my intended Spotlight painting and managed to complete it in the hour, so pleased about that. Felt really strange trying to give a running commentary while I was painting.

Discovering more about Simon King’s Wildlife Whisperers project. It sounds really exciting and innovative. I’m sure it will feature in my future blog posts.

Charlie Moores has written a super new post about me on his blog Thank you, Charlie.

Fatbirder website has offered to showcase one of my paintings on their Gloucestershire page. 

New followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook. One of them is known as “The Penguin Lady”. I thought that was me!

Signed off the promo button for my BirdFair video, two greetings cards designs and the poster for my Linc talk in October.

Phew! At this rate I’ll be going to BirdFair for a rest!

Linc Poster


About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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One Response to It’s All Happening!

  1. Charlie Moores says:

    Hi Jackie
    Thanks for the link 🙂

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