Home to Roost – Part 2

Home to Roost

I posted my latest image just before BirdFair and promised more information later, so here it is.
Home to Roost stems from my New Year’s Day outing to the beach – Kenfig this year – with a friend. We’d just arrived when a flock of golden plovers flew past and nestled amongst the pebbles. Well I love seeing repeating shapes and colours in nature so I was all fired up to do a painting. Pity I had no art materials or even a camera to hand. Had to go back the next day, and after a brief wait in came the plovers again.

Unfortunately it was late in the afternoon and, even though the day had been sunny, the light was fading fast. Lovely warm colours abounded, but I didn’t fancy wandering the sand dunes in the dark, so reluctantly curtailled the sketching session. Never mind, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it resulted in Home to Roost.

Back in the studio I worked in acrylic, though as usual the original sketches were made in pencil and watercolour. I also used photos for added reference.

I’d hoped to put this painting in to the Society of Wildlife Artists annual exhibition, but sadly I couldn’t as I need to get limited edition prints made and the timescales clashed. Prints are available for pre-order from my website http://www.jackiegarner.co.uk/Store/wildlife-art-shop-window_prints.htm and you can see the original when I’m Artist in Residence at Nature in Art from 28th Sept to 3rd October.

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Wildlife artist.
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