Sunlight and Shadow

At long last I’ve finished my painting of Woodpigeons.  I can’t believe I started it way back in May, but there have been so many other projects on the go I haven’t had a chance to get on with it.  So here are the last two pictures in my step-by-step series.  

If you’d like to remind yourself of how it started the link below will take you to the first post. Then the right arrow below the header will move you on to the next two posts.  See you back here in a minute.

Pigeons - Step 4

Ok, so we’re up to Step 4. By now I’ve changed the branches at the top and bottom left.  The composition of the branches was the hardest part of the painting and I kept painting them in and then taking them out again.

To give myself a break from branches I worked on the birds – correcting the shapes and adding detail. 

You’ll also notice I changed the twig at the bottom right and reduced the number of twigs overall to simplify the composition.

Ultimately though, the top left was still bothering me.  I felt that the composition was too symmetrical, with a branch at each corner.  I painted over the top left branch, deciding that it could be replaced by a two smaller twigs. That didn’t look strong enough to balance the darker branches so I added darker greens to the background, creating more weight in that corner. 

The next stage was to add two further twigs at the bottom left, which broke up the strong left-right diagonals and created more movement. It also implied that there were more branches beyond the area defined by the picture edges.

Lastly I added more details to the background foliage, keeping the marks simple so they didn’t detract from the birds. a few final touches to the birds and Sunlight and Shadow was complete.

Pigeons - Step 5

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