Awesome Bird Photographs

Birds have always been a favourite subject of mine. When, decades ago, I first bought a good camera I tried bird photography… with deplorable results. Time after time I ended up with the subject being a small blur in acres of habitat, and on one notable occasion I achieved a two-headed blue tit when the subject was faster than the shutter speed.

When I finally decided to concentrate on painted images rather than photographic, I confess I felt a great sense of relief. Nevertheless, I still enjoy looking at bird photography and have just come across this collection of bird photographs. They’re not just stunning images, they are testaments to the skill and dedication of the photographers. I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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One Response to Awesome Bird Photographs

  1. Paula Wilson says:

    Amazing photos and as you say a true testament to these photographers’ skills.

    Don’t minimise the achievement of the two-headed blue tit though – never seen anyone else do that!

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