Buyer Beware

Today’s post brought a flyer from an art materials supplier. I’ll keep the name under wraps to protect the guilty. The flyer promised “Lowest prices guaranteed” and a further paragraph gave extra “lowest price” promises.

Well in these days of austerity it’s always good to find value for money, so I checked their prices against my usual suppliers. Admittedly one of my usual suppliers had a special offer advertised, but this new company was significantly more expensive: +25% per tube of paint on average.

I know that price isn’t everything, and I do often support speciallist shops instead of just heading for the cheapest. I’d simply caution against believing the glossy brochures without checking that the promises are correct.

Reputation is important but I feel less inclined to buy from this particular company now because they aren’t living up to their publicity, even though their products are identical to those I buy elsewhere.

So it’s a cautionary tale for all of us: if you can’t fulfill it, don’t say it.

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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