I’ve just seen a poll that placed Cairo amongst the worst cities in the world to in which to drive. Now, why doesn’t that surprise me?

Regular readers of this blog will know that, as part of my “Wildlife art of ancient Egypt” project, I spent six weeks in Egypt. Thankfully, the tour company provided an excellent driver and minibus to transport us around the country, because I cannot think of any circumstance that would persuade me to drive in Cairo.


Cairo traffic

(1) Three lane roads are often turned in to five as every car tries to reach their destination as quickly as possible.
(2) There was so much traffic it took three hours to drive from one side of Cairo to the other.
(3) Road users include donkeys, camels, horses and even water buffalo…. not necessarily being ridden or driven on the correct side of the road.
(4) Almost every vehicle is covered in dents and scratches after altercations with others.
(5) Even minor prangs can escalate as everyone in the vicinity apportions blame.
(6) Pollution is appalling.

7 squashed donkeys

(7) Open topped vehicles often contain animals. Not good if you’re stuck alongside at the wrong moment. Especially if you have the car window open!

Thanks to our driver we did make it to each of our destinations unscathed and unscared, so I was able to paint without being a nervous wreck. Of course the treasures of ancient Egyptian art are well worth a little hardship, and they certainly inspired me. Here’s the link to some of the resulting paintings.

I’ll soon be working on more paintings from the Egypt project. Please contact me or keep checking the website for new updates.

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