Difficult Decisions

Today I’m juggling paintings. Not literally, because that would be weird.  No, trying to work out which painting should go to which exhibition. Sounds simple? I wish!

This one shouldn’t go to venue A because it’s less suited to their clientele. That one can’t go to venue B because it’s been there before. I need those four for competition entries. Another can’t go to venue C because it’s the wrong medium/subject/size. Venue D doesn’t accept prints, Venue E wants only work from last calendar year…

Then there’s the issue of whether to submit a group of works showing consistancy or a range of work showing versatility.

Is it any wonder I’m starting to feel like I need a degree in logistics? Getting the work out there is important, getting it to the most suitable venue is more important still.

So next time you ask an artist “What are you going to exhibit?”, have a little sympathy if the answer is “I haven’t decided yet”!

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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