Looking Carefully

Regular readers of this blog and my website will know that I love the way wildlife fits in to its environment through repeating shapes and colours. (See Home to Roost, Sunlight & Shadow, Passing Through, Little Crake and Vineyard Sculptures on my website acrylics page http://www.jackiegarner.co.uk/online-wildlife-art-gallery_acrylics.htm).

I also love seeing great images by photographers and artists, especially when they share my interest in camouflage. Tonight I discovered Alex Hyde’s wonderful photography and thought you’d like to see it too. He has a range of work in his gallery but I particularly like the Madagascar Wildlife images. http://www.alexhydephotography.com/ 


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Wildlife artist.
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One Response to Looking Carefully

  1. Paula Wilson says:

    Personally I lost enthusiasm for wildlife camoflage after a praying mantis narrowly escaped with its life when I was enthusiastically pruning the roses. So it’s great to see your beautiful wildlife paintings and Alex’s gorgeous photographs. Camoflage depicted by an artist or photographer suits me just fine!

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