Introducing #lifeofawildlifeartist

Many of you will know that I’m now on Twitter, however unlikely that may once have seemed! Social media is still a steep learning curve for me, though thankfully not quite the gradient it used to be.

For those who haven’t found me on Twitter yet, my Twitter name is @garnerart and there’s a link on the sidebar of this blog. I mostly tweet about wildlife art, nature, art, Gloucestershire, occasionally mention sport, food, life in general and generally pass on tweets I think might inform or amuse.

My latest experiments are with hashtags so that others can search for my tweets on particular subjects more easily.

Yesterday @iTweetArt posted the Wanda Koop quote “There’s an assumption that because I’m an artist, I’ve got all the time in the world.”

If people really believe that, they probably have plenty of other misconceptions too.

That gave me the idea of creating a body of tweets that show what a wildlife art career is all about.  I’ve just started using the tag #lifeofawildlifeartist on tweets that show what’s happening on a daily basis. Over the coming months I’ll build up a picture of my job in bite sized chunks of 140 characters or less.

There’ll be triumphs, humour, melodrama, frustration and pathos amid the routine. So if you want the inside scoop on the reality: follow me on Twitter. You’re only a click away.

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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