Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours Exhibition

Last week I went to the private view of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries. I was very happy to have my work on display there and had looked forward to seeing the exhibition as I hadn’t visited that society’s exhibition before.

Jackie with Dancing Cranes painting

Jackie with Dancing Cranes painting

My first impression was of a wealth of intense colours, which may surprise those who think of watercolour as being “wishy-washy”. My second impression was that many of the works were larger than I’d expected, so this was an exhibition that had an immediate Wow factor.

There was plenty of variety of subject matter too. Certainly landscapes were predominantas I expected, but there were also examples of still life, abstracts, machinery, nudes and my own ancient Egypt paintings.

Two of my favourite pieces were Robin Hazelwood’s semi-abstract Ile de Re which won the Debra Manifold Memorial Award and Peronel Barnes’ Shropshire Snow, Rosy Glow which won the Frank Herring Award. (You can view both on the RI website

I particularly liked seeing how different artists had used the properties of watercolour to create distinctive textures, moods and effects. I’d recommend aspiring watercolourists to visit in order to see the variety of technique that is possible with watercolour. Bear in mind though, this exhibition accepts any water soluable colour including acrylics as long as they are handled as watercolour. Not everything is a pure  watercolour technique.

The exhibition continues until 10th April, 10am-5pm, so there’s still time to visit. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours Exhibition

  1. David COOK says:

    Congratulations Jackie! I’ve been rather lax – artwise – of late, due to on-going cataract operations. Right one done, left one soon. However, I have been able to complete another article for BIRD – Art & Photography magazine and works for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition. Delighted to have 2 papercuts and 2 paintings accepted. 3 will be exhibited at The Mall Galleries and 1 offered for sale through their new and innovative Folder of works to be shown on their website. Hopefully I’ll be ‘done & dusted’ eye-wise for the PV on the 6th June. Regretfully, I will not be able to visit the Mall for this current show, so wish you every success – and sale! David.

  2. Hello David, good to hear from you. Thanks for your kind comment, and well done for your success in the David Shepherd exhibition. I didn’t enter this year but might next time. Hope to catch up with you at NEWA/Nature in Art/Bird Fair/Art in Action/SWLA.

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