The Business of Art Development

Last Friday I mentioned Twitter’s #FollowFriday hashtag and how I planned to link #FF to my blog.

(Here’s the post if you missed it

Can’t believe it’s Friday again already, but here’s my second #FFblog.

Making a living from art (whatever your discipline) is never an easy task, but thankfully there’s a lot of help out there from various sources. We seem to be particularly fortunate in this respect in the South West. So my online hero this week is ArtsMatrix, Twitter name @artsmatrix.

ArtsMatrix is a South West Skills development agency for the Creative Industries. Their aim is to create a vibrant community of creative practitioners who can access support and opportunities in order to gain real business benefits. They provide support and opportunities via courses, events, a blog, mentoring, critiques and networking. There are four different membership tiers, ranging from free to corporate, according to your needs.

I’ve certainly benefitted from ArtsMatrix training in the past and I urge anyone looking to improve their artistic and business skills to check out ArtsMatrix.

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Wildlife artist.
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