Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan

Why all the fuss about the National Gallery’s decision to use timed tickets to limit numbers for their new Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan exhibition?

The NG have decided only 180 people will be allowed entry per half hour time slot in the hope of reducing “gallery rage”. They also suggest visitors read up about Leonardo before visiting the exhibition. Why should that provoke outrage?

(1) Most of the big art and museum shows have been using timed tickets for years.  

(2) Yes gallery’s still get crowded, especially around the most famous/significant paintings. What’s wrong with moving to a different painting and then coming back to the first when it’s less crowded? Seems to work for me.

(3) Several of the papers seem to think that means people will only have 30 minutes in the exhibition. No, it means the entry is timed, not the amount of time you spend in the exhibition. Trying to see 60 paintings in 30 minutes would be ridiculous.

(4) If possible go to see the exhibition more than once (obviously easier if you live in London, but not impossible if you don’t). We only have limited capacity to take in information so two shorter visits could be more effective. It’s not essential to see every one of the paintings in one session.

(5) Plan when to visit. Early morning could be quieter, weekend afternoons certainly won’t.

(6) Book in advance. The exhibition is on from 9th November until the 5th February and there are extended opening hours. We don’t all need to go on the first day.

Above all, we need to accept that we are lucky to see such exhibition, that we all have the same right to see the paintings and the NG is doing it’s best to minimise the queues.  Is it out of the question to show a little consideration to each other? That way we can all enjoy what’s on show.

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