Who Should I Follow on Twitter?

At its simplest, an artist’s business can be defined as Do your best work, then show it to people. All the tactics and strategies are about putting your work in front of people. A painting can’t sell if no one knows it exists.

I use any medium that I think will be valuable and cost effective for marketing my wildlife art – networking, website, flyers, interviews, radio, blogs, trade fairs, residencies and social media.

Social media is still an area that’s relatively new to me, so I’m always keen to learn from others’ experiences. A social media guru I follow on Twitter is the subject of this week’s #FF blog post.

On Twitter, when certain people tweet I sit up and take notice because I know from experience that their content will be good: such a one is John Marsh (Twitter name @JohnAMarsh).

John tweets about using social media for business. How to get your email noticed and read? Tips for enhancing your Facebook page? New content for your social strategy? Check out John on Twitter to find the answers.

John spends a great deal of time scouring  the web for great content and then shares it. He doesn’t tweet about what he had for dinner, what’s on TV or his favourite sports team (does he even have one?), so I know his content will be relevant and useful and won’t waste my time.

My wildlife art business has certainly benefitted from following John on Twitter, and I hope you’ll benefit from following him too. #FF should be a genuine recommendation, not just a list of names (see my first #FF blog post https://garnerwildlifeart.wordpress.com/2011/04/22/follow-me/), so that’s why the subject of today’s #FF blog is @JohnAMarsh. Whether or not you’re on Twitter, here’s his website: http://www.johnmarshsocialmedia.co.uk


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