Which Acrylic Paints Should I Buy?

Acrylic PaintAnyone who has come to my acrylics classes will have no doubt that I’m a fan of Liquitex for my wildlife paintings. I’ve tried a few other makes but I find that the Heavy Body range (no jokes please) suits me best. I love the soft buttery consistancy of the paint and the drying time seems slower than some of the other makes. There’s a good range of colours and I’m impressed at the covering power of the paint, whilst it can also be thinned easily for glazes.

I salute Liquitex too for printing whether the paint is opaque, transparent or translucent on the back of each tube instead of only on a colour chart. Who can be bothered to find a paint chart whilst in the flurry of creativity?

Paint tubeA colour that finds its way in to most of my paintings is Unbleached Titanium. Look at my acrylics page on my website http://www.jackiegarner.co.uk/online-wildlife-art-gallery_acrylics.htm – I defy you to find an image that doesn’t use it.

It’s not just useful when you need a buff colour. I use it mostly for mixing and lightening colours. When adding white I find that the resulting tints can look quite cold, especially when it’s added to the browns. Adding Unbleached Titanium instead makes the browns lighter whilst retaining the warmth and richness.

Mix Unbleached Titanium with blues and the results are subtle greys or softer blues than are achieveable with added white. Much of Heading Home was painted using the Ultramarine+Unbleached Titanium mixture.

Paint mixtures

Mixes using Titanium White or Unbleached Titanium

All in all it’s a thoroughly useful colour to keep in your paintbox and one I wholeheartedly recommend.


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