How Can I Market My Art?

Those of us who produce art know how good it feels when someone wants our work enough to exchange good hard cash for it. So how can we experience that feeling more often?

To sell our work, we have to enable potential buyers to find it. However much we’d like to spend all our time at the easel there’s no substitute for marketing our art, and it makes sense to do that as efficiently as possible.

follow friday imageThat’s where the subject of my #FollowFriday post comes in. I discovered Helen Aldous tweeting under the name of @ArtonomyBlog on Twitter. Helen’s blog is called Artonomy – it’s packed full of really useful art business information, tutorials, readers’ showcase… In short, just what you need to get your art noticed.

I’ll let Artonomy introduce itself:

We are dedicated to empowering creative people with the business & marketing skills needed to promote your creative work, sell art {online and offline} and survive financially and mentally as an Artist.

Here’s the link

PLUS you get all that delivered in a very readable style with a sense of humour that often has me laughing out loud.

My only complaint is that there are so many good ideas to implement it’s making my To Do list even longer.

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Wildlife artist.
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