Mindbender Puzzles

Brown Hare

Brown Hare

Here are a couple of images from my new British Animals Mindbender puzzle. The other species will be fox, fallow deer, otter and red squirrel.

The new puzzle complements British Birds and British Butterflies and will be the fifth puzzle in my range.

I’m really proud of the puzzles. It’s great to produce a good quality, affordable product by working with a local company for mutual benefit.

I’ve made the puzzles educational by including a factsheet about the species depicted and the



packaging is environmentally friendly as it’s made from recycled plastic bottles.

The new puzzles should be available in time for Bird Fair (19-21 August).

You can see the other puzzles in the range on my website, complete with new animation showing how to do them. (No, it doesn’t give you the answer). http://www.jackiegarner.co.uk/Store/wildlife-art-shop-window_puzzles.htm


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2 Responses to Mindbender Puzzles

  1. Victoria Aspinall says:

    I bought the birds puzzle at your exhibition in Painswick and my grandchildren are begging for more. I would like to buy the butterflies and the one with foxes on it but can’t find them anywhere. Can you help?

    Vicky Aspinall

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