National Exhibition of Wildlife Art Review

Wildlife artists, professional or amateur, this one’s for you: I’ve just written a guest post about my NEWA experience for the Artist Competitions blog.

It’s not a review of the exhibition images, but rather a look at the experience of entering from an artist’s viewpoint. I had the choice of writing either review but thought this one would be more useful to other artists.

It’s an honest response to my experience of entering the exhibition over several years, though no doubt others will have had other experiences.

You can see the review here:

Artist Competitions is a great site and I shall feature them on a #FollowFriday blog post in the future.

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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4 Responses to National Exhibition of Wildlife Art Review

  1. Wow interesting blog!!! I like the beneficial aspects illustrated in this post. The exhibition would have showcased beautiful art works and related items. I like it very much.

  2. Wow!!! The blog is quite nice and informative. I like the ideas and art work experience revealed in the blog.
    Please have a glimpse on another opportunity for emerging artists:

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  4. jyoti says:

    nice,this blog,this blog is very informative, i like this blog.please have a good pic of wild life
    it is very intersting

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