What is Payback?

Artists, illustrators, sculptors, photographers, designers, craftspeople, cartoonists, architects…  have you submitted your Payback claim yet? The deadline (9 Sept 2011) is fast approaching so you only have a few days left to submit your claim.

If you’re scratching your head in confusion and wondering what Payback is all about here’s a brief summary:

  • Creative industry workers who have had artwork published in magazines, books or shown on TV can claim royalties for each image used
  • Claimants must be the copyright holder of the artwork
  • You cannot claim for work in newspapers, weekend supplements, leaflets and brochures
  • You must be able to supply either the barcode, ISBN or ISSN number and the cover date and year of publication
  • You can claim for publications during or earlier than 2010
  • You must register through DACS (Designers & Artists Copyright Society) to claim
  • There is no charge to register with DACS
  • Royalties are paid out in December

For more information go to http://www.dacs.org.uk



About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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