WWT Slimbridge: Be First to Hear of New Wildlife Sightings

I haven’t written a #FollowFriday post for a while, so here’s one for all you wildlife fans out there.

It’s a well known fact that I’ve spent a significant part of my life sketching birds at WWT Slimbridge. Usually I just head down there, armed with binoculars, scope, sketching kit (and some emergency chocolate) and see what’s about.

Lately though, I’ve been following @slimbridge_wild so I’ve been acting on much more specific information. @slimbridge_wild tweet bird and wildlife sightings with pictures and videos of what’s newly seen on the reserve.

@slimbridge_wild tweets come from the two man team of James Lees and Martin McGill, both WWT Slimbridge nature reserve wardens. As you’d expect they are both top-notch birders who spend all their time on the reserve, so the birds are accurately identified and sightings are up to date.

Sadly I’m not always free to go to Slimbridge at a moments notice, but at least I know what I’m missing and can visit later if the bird stays around.

If you’re not on Twitter you can still find out about the wildlife at Slimbridge from the WWT website. http://www.wwt.org.uk/visit-us/slimbridge/wildlife-sightings


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