Ancient Egypt: A Free Resource

If you’re like me you enjoy magazines but (a) you feel the expense of umpteen publications would rival the national debt and (b) once read you don’t want to throw them away but have pangs of guilt about piles of magazines cluttering up your space.

Here’s a shout out for a new online magazine called Egyptological ( which solves both of those problems. No expense and no storage issues.

Egyptian tomb interiorIt’s completely free, packed with interesting information, great photos and has discussion and comment boards. Articles vary from specialist research to features of general interest for a wider audience. Egyptological covers all areas and periods of ancient Egyptian prehistory up to and including the Coptic period.

Look out too for reviews of books, exhibitions, DVDs and websites, and an Events and Course Calendars section. There’s a Find section to take you to exactly the content you’re looking for.

Egyptological also provides a platform for aspiring and existing writers. John Wyatt (my colleague on the Egypt project) and I have already contributed articles and more are in the pipeline.,10,7,74,48,62,57

You can follow Egyptological by RSS, Twitter or email. If you’re in to Egyptology it’s a great resource. Go on, check it out!

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1 Response to Ancient Egypt: A Free Resource

  1. David Drage says:

    Thanks for the link Jackie, it looks like a really interesting magazine/website.

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