Ashmolean Museum: Re-opening of the Ancient Egypt Gallery

Egyptian catIt is open, at last! The Ashmolean Museum was refurbished and extended in 2009, but sadly the Ancient Egypt gallery was not part of that first phase. Subsequently Phase Two happened, the gallery was closed and on Saturday it re-opened to the public.

The Ashmolean Museum has arguably the best Egyptology collection in Britain, housing some 40,000 artefacts, but the old displays were victims of severely limited space. With the six new galleries much more of the collection may now be displayed.

The first refurbishment was hugely impressive, so I’m eager to see how the new Ancient Egypt galleries compare. Here’s a preview

and here’s an explanation of the new development from the Ashmolean Museum

Wedjat EyeI can’t wait to visit the museum with my sketchbook in December, so watch this space for my review. If you visit before then please share your experience via the comments section of this blog.

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