Google Art Project – it’s AWESOME

Have you ever wanted to create your own art gallery filled with the best art from all over the world? Now you can, without even leaving home. (OK, visiting all the collections in person would be better, but that’s not an option for most of us.)

If you’ve looked at Google’s search page today you’ll have seen the Google Art Project link below the search box. Don’t just look at it, click it!

You’ll find yourself in a parallel universe where over a hundred gallery and museum collections, from all over the world, can be seen in the same place – and you have unlimited access to all of them.

Once you’ve selected from the top menu you can search through artists, artworks or collections. The sidebar has a discover feature which allows you to do exactly that by scrolling through a varied selection of artworks. Or you can search via keywords.

Once you’ve selected a piece you can view details about the work or zoom in.

Finally you can create and share your own selection of art in My Galleries or view other people’s choices in the User Galleries. (NB I found that some of the User Galleries wouldn’t load, buy maybe that’s just my computer.) It’s a bit like an artistic version of Pinterest, without the copyright issues.

So what theme will you choose for your gallery? Landscapes/ pattern/ wildlife/ancient art/cloudscapes/faces/ abstracts/ icons….

I can’t believe how good this project is. We are so lucky today to live in an age of technology when the whole world is open to us. Not so many years ago that would have been unthinkable.

I just hope it ultimately inspires people to visit actual collections and see real art, rather than solely viewing art via a computer screen. How ever good the reproduction is, it’s not the same.

Happy exploring!

About Jackie Garner

Wildlife artist.
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