Help a Hedgehog with Herts Hogline

A while ago I blogged about a local hedgehog rescue centre and today I’m very happy to share this guest blog post from Lynne Garner (no relation to me, as far as I know) of Herts Hogline. Please check out their website for loads of hedgehog facts and a terrific hog gallery. And if you can help in any way, that’s even better. Over to Lynne:

This is front leg and back leg who have become the smallest hoglet I’ve to successfully hand rear. They were 32 and 34 grams and that silver blog next to them is a ten pence piece.

If we all helped, just a little!

Did you know that the 6th to 12th May is Hedgehog Week?

Did you know there are many small hedgehog rescue centres dotted all over the country? Many like the one I run ( are often hidden in back bedrooms, garages or converted sheds. We all need support and not just in the form of a cash donation. So why not get proactive and join this hidden army.

Not sure how to help?

Here are a few suggestions, which I hope will inspire you to actively support a local hedgehog rescue centre.

This was the twins just six weeks later enjoying their first wander on the grass. They were soon re-homed by one of our 15 helpers.

Why not donate items? Often towels, unwanted bowls, hutches etc. are needed. Most of our hutches have been kindly donated and have allowed us to spend money on more important things such as medical supplies. Have you recently been unfortunate enough to lose a beloved cat or dog? Don’t let their food go to waste, donate it. We take all food donated to us and if we can’t use it we re-donate to a local animal rescue centre who can, so none of it goes to waste.

How many of you throw away stamps and printer cartridges? If saved rather than binned these can raise money. Over the last ten years by collecting printer cartridges we’ve raised enough money to cover the cost of care for 25 hedgehogs. We’ve also recently found a dealer who will take foreign and old UK currencies, so have started to collect these as well.

We all have skills of some kind. If you can write then creating publicity literature or educational literature is always helpful. Can you saw a piece of wood; many rescue centres need items made. For example one of our supporters crafted half a dozen hand-made wooden toys. The sale of just one of these toys covered the care of two hedgehogs. Another is a ceramicist and donates hand-made key rings, which we sell to raise funds. If you’d like to see her work visit: Are you a web design expert? Small organisations can always benefit from an on-line presence. Are you good with a camera? Images of hedgehogs rescued are always helpful as they can be used in literature and on websites. We’ve had photographs featuring one of our hoglets turned into greetings cards, which we sell to help raise revenue.

One of our latest hedgehogs (Tripod – I didn’t name him our vet did) who had to have a back leg removed. Sophie the nurse ensuring the wound is clean and healing well.

Why not donate time and do those little jobs that always need doing. Many need someone to shake a collection tin in the street. We have a volunteer who has a stall at the local village Christmas fair each November. She sells second hand items and often raises enough money to cover the care costs for three to four hedgehogs.

Lastly word of mouth is the best advertisement any hedgehog rescue could wish for. Simply talk to people; the rewards reaped can sometimes be immeasurable. A great example of this was in the summer of 2004. A lady walking her dog bumped into a girl who had found a hoglet. Luckily this lady had heard one of my presentations, so she passed on our details. By this simple action that hoglet and its four siblings (found a couple of hours later) all survived and were released that autumn. I also rely on word of mouth to advertise the presentations I give to local groups. These presentations give me a chance to raise much-needed funds and just as importantly awareness.

Tripod coming around after his check up.

So go on give it a go you never know where it may lead!

If you’d like to discover more about us then:
Follow us on Twitter: Herts Hogline
Like us on Facebook:
Follow our blog: The Hedgehog Shed

The interior of our purpose built 6′ x 8′ shed


An extra way you can help would be to vote for Herts Hogline in the Shed of the Year competition  and help them win the £1000 prize. Imagine how much food and medicine that would buy. Public voting starts 21 May 2012. Put it in your diary now. Please.

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2 Responses to Help a Hedgehog with Herts Hogline

  1. citybird01 says:

    Lovely post and the hoglets are sooo cute!

    Question: aside of all the ways to donate items, what about good old-fashioned cash? Are you a registered charity? Can people donate online?

    • Lynne Garner says:

      Hello – we are not a registered charity. To qualify you have to generate more than £1,500 per year. We are right on the border line so continue to work as a not-for-profit non-funder organisation. The hedgehogs have their own bank account and if anyone wants to donate then simply send a cheque made payable to Herts Hogline to PO BOX 7716 – Bishop’s Stortford – Herts – CM23 4XH

      Thank you for your interest in the hogs.

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