About Jackie Garner….

Jackie Garner Wildlife Art studio

Jackie in fabulous studio

I’m a wildlife artist and author of The Wildlife Artist’s Handbook, based in Gloucestershire, England. Since 2008 I’ve been working from my dream studio near Stroud.

I paint in various media – watercolours or acrylics mostly, also oils and pastels from time to time.  Drawing skills are important to me and I work from live subjects whenever possible.

My main inspirations are: British wildlife, natural history as depicted in ancient Egyptian art, wildlife of the Falkland Islands and then wildlife of anywhere else.  I’m particularly interested in the way wildlife fits in to its environment through repeating shapes and colours.

Over time my interests have shifted a little.  I used to describe myself as a birder who was interested in art, but now I’d say I’m an artist who’s interested in nature.  The reality is I’ve always been interested in nature and I’ve always loved to draw, so maybe I should just admit they’re twin passions.

Away from wildlife art I love reading, watching sport, brain teasers, travel and chocolate peppermints – but not necessarily in that order. Another passion is food. I have to admit I’m a mediocre cook but I love good local, fresh ingredients prepared with respect and without fuss. Simple but high quality.

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Jackie Garner, Wildlife Artist