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WWT Slimbridge: Be First to Hear of New Wildlife Sightings

I haven’t written a #FollowFriday post for a while, so here’s one for all you wildlife fans out there. It’s a well known fact that I’ve spent a significant part of my life sketching birds at WWT Slimbridge. Usually I … Continue reading

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How Can I Market My Art?

Those of us who produce art know how good it feels when someone wants our work enough to exchange good hard cash for it. So how can we experience that feeling more often? To sell our work, we have to enable potential buyers to find it. However … Continue reading

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Who is Blogging About Ancient Egypt?

Today’s #ff blog post is one for all the Eygptologists – amateur or professional – out there. Abydos hieroglyphs I’ve been producing illustrations for research in to the wildlife species that were depicted in ancient Egyptian art. That project involved spending … Continue reading

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Who Should I Follow on Twitter?

At its simplest, an artist’s business can be defined as Do your best work, then show it to people. All the tactics and strategies are about putting your work in front of people. A painting can’t sell if no one knows it … Continue reading

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The Business of Art Development

Last Friday I mentioned Twitter’s #FollowFriday hashtag and how I planned to link #FF to my blog. (Here’s the post if you missed it Can’t believe it’s Friday again already, but here’s my second #FFblog. Making a living from … Continue reading

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Follow Me!

Eleven months ago, despite earlier protestations that I never would, I started using Twitter. (For those of you who’d like to follow me on Twitter I’m found under the name of @garnerart.) On Fridays on Twitter many people use the … Continue reading

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