All of my artwork, photographs of my artwork and my writing is protected by copyright law. However, if you like my work enough to want to use it please remember:

(a) to attribute it to me, preferably with a link to my blog or website
(b) to use only a quote or a paragraph, not the whole article
(c) not to use it for commercial gain

If all three conditions above apply I’ll permit usage without you needing to ask permission, though I’ll be happier if you let me know when and how you’ve used it. If you want to use anything outside of the above conditions please contact me.

Student/Amateur/(semi)Professional artists
(1) You may make copies of my paintings if they are purely for your own learning experience e.g. a school art project.
(2) You may copy a painting and exhibit it with the words “After Jackie Garner” in the title. It may not be offered for sale.
(3) You may not copy a painting and then exhibit it for sale.

Some of my thoughts about working from other people’s images are contained in my blog post:

If you’d like to know more about copyright issues, I suggest the Own-it website ( is a great place to start.

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