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Artistic Success – Popular or Prestigious?

Popular or prestigious – which do you want your art to be? I raise the question because my last post mentioned the vitriol that surrounds Damian Hirst’s work whilst being praised by the Art Establishment. Today I learned of the … Continue reading

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Homage to my Art Studio

Sometimes a single thought can change your whole day. I was feeling OK about today. Middling. Neither particularly good nor bad. Then, around midday, I suddenly realised that  this was quite an auspicious day. The day that said I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Arts – the Cost of Cutting Back

Cutbacks. They seem to be the only subject in the media these days. Whilst I appreciate that the arts will suffer in the same way as other sectors, I confess some of the comments I’ve read recently made my blood boil:  “I appreciate … Continue reading

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Gloucester Arts & Crafts Summer School

Good news! The 2011 Arts & Crafts Summer School brochure is now available. There are eleven art classes, nine craft courses and a further nine shorter courses to choose from. Most classes last for five days, so there’s plenty of … Continue reading

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Putting the Awe in to Awesome

Some years ago I took a lightening tour of the major Italian cities – mostly a fact finding mission to see where I’d particularly like to spend time on future visits. One of the highlights, and a fulfilled ambition, was visiting … Continue reading

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Minding My Own Business

Hugely busy over the coming weeks.  Have just realised that I need to produce a minimum of 65 images during the next three months.  OK, some of them are small and relatively quick….   but some of them are large and complicated!  … Continue reading

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