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How Can I Prove My Inspiration Is My Own?

Yesterday I posted my latest painting (still a work in progress) on my Facebook page and, as I’m thinking of making some canvas prints, I asked for comments. The first comment I received was from a photographer: “I think you … Continue reading

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The Importance of Back Ups

Last week I had a heart stopping moment. I plugged a memory stick in to my computer’s USB port and… nothing. Tried a different port and received the computer equivalent of a raspberry accompanied by an error message saying that … Continue reading

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Inspired by Deer

One of my happiest childhood memories is walking in the local woods, looking for fallow deer. It’s something I still love doing today, and these days such activity brings the added bonus of inspiration for a painting. Last week was … Continue reading

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A Shocking Waste

If you’ve read a newspaper during the past couple of days you can hardly have missed the coverage given to the shooting of a red deer stag – the Emperor – in Exmoor. Probably, like me, you were appalled at … Continue reading

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